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Blog Make Up

December 30, 2006


It was quite a while that I did not bother to rework on the page template.Over the weekend I worked on the look and feel of this blog.Title Description,My picture, Search bar, AdSense and feed burner is added.Hope you like this new look.

Why GSLV is more special

December 29, 2006


Visited HAL Aerospace museum with a School from Coorg yesterday.If you want to understand the Indian Aviation program, this is the place. Pictures of early days of HAL, Models of MIG,SUKHOI and LCA, Engines of the flyers,etc Well putup.My second visit. There is one picture in the first floor of the museum. It is a […]

Year 2006

December 25, 2006


Life is at complete standstill. Since am so used to Bangalore life style. Always on feet all the time. Something or other occupying the mind space. I am so empty handed here.Sleep three times a day and flip 45 channels a minute. Still the clock does not tick.This is so very unlike me. Probably its […]

From Shimoga. With Love.

December 24, 2006


Away from Bangalore for few days.Spending Xmas holidays at Shimoga. My hometown.Had a brief chance to visit Sahitya Sammelana. Literary event.Been lazing at home flipping channels.Nothing special to scribble.As usual my nose is running wet. I get sick.Weather at Shimoga never suited me.

Scientific American Indian Edition

December 22, 2006


I hit a new shop at church street y’day evening. Magazines. For a moment you’ll wonder if the world is really so very crazy about the magazines.I never knew that Scientific American is available in Indian edition now.But their online India edition is a letdown.Grabbed Dec 2006 copy. Costs you 100 Rs. Sadly we do […]

Annual Day Snaps

December 20, 2006


Our annual day snaps are available at flickr

Distance between Earth and Moon

December 17, 2006


I was reading Frontline magazine this morning. It carries an interview with ISRO chief. Madhavan Nair. It talks about India’s Chandrayana Mission of 2008.Picked up few facts.Distance between Earth and moon : 4 Lakh Kms.Our geostationary satelites revolve at 36000 Kms…( roughly half a lakh) In the picture, the observer is 350,000 miles away from […]

Community, when channeled, is such a power house

December 17, 2006


Let me list few reasons why the blog was out of action for two weeks:It has been quite a eventful week- Got couple of test plans to complete- Meeting after meetings at office pushed me stay very late in office.- Skit, Photo movie, Dance and Trivia Quiz preparations for Annual Day. Company Annual day got […]

Sun and Earth side by side

December 5, 2006


Look at sun and earth side by side….How amazingly tiny this planet is. The Sun’s mass is about 333,000 times Earth’s mass!!! Even more amazing is…how is that we still haven’t found another ‘dot’ similar to planet earth which houses any living creatures!

Stick to your core.

December 3, 2006


I took a break. Probably it’s too much for two days.I should keep things simple.It’s impossible for one to know all that is happening around.Just the idea of even knowing things from distance seems worthless.ufff…you can never keep the pace with the growing amount of techism around. Stick to your core.

BarCamp Bangalore Day 1 Impressions

December 3, 2006


Before the things gets erased from my head, let me have my take onsome of the sessions I picked to attend at the barcamp today. We had this introduction of the presenters in the morning. This was good because, everyone could decide,based on the few seconds of pitch the speaker going to give, especiallywhen there […]

BarCamp Bangalore 2006

December 2, 2006


Am in Barcamp @ thoughtworks, Bangalore!

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